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CION Investment Corporation


Estimated NAV*


Current Distribution Rate**

8.90% based on NAV

About the Fund


CION Investment Corporation (CIC) is a non-traded business development company, or BDC, that focuses on U.S. middle market lending. The fund’s investment objective is to generate current income and, to a lesser extent, capital appreciation. CIC seeks to accomplish its investment objective by managing the portfolio with the intent to reduce portfolio volatility, mitigate downside risk, and reduce portfolio correlation to traded markets.


Get to Know CIC

Directly managed by CION Investment Management

Invests primarily in the debt of private U.S. Middle Market companies

Diversified across 140+ portfolio companies in more than 10 industries

Senior Secured Floating Rate debt instruments comprise 94% of the portfolio


As of September 30, 2019


Total investment return-net asset value is a measure of the change in total value for shareholders who held CIC’s common stock at the beginning and end of the period, including distributions paid or payable during the period. Total investment return-net asset value is presented on a “net” basis and reflects management and incentive fees, offering, organizational and other costs, interest expense on borrowed funds and other related expenses that are borne by investors.

Total investment return-net asset value is based on (i) the beginning period net asset value per share on the first day of the period, (ii) the net asset value per share on the last day of the period of (A) one share plus (B) any fractional shares issued in connection with the reinvestment of monthly distributions, and (iii) the value of distributions payable, if any, on the last day of the period. The total investment return-net asset value calculation assumes that monthly cash distributions are reinvested in accordance with CIC’s distribution reinvestment plan then in effect. The total investment return-net asset value does not consider the effect of the sales charge from the sale of CIC’s common stock. The total investment return-net asset value includes the effect of the issuance of shares at a net offering price that is greater than net asset value per share, which causes an increase in net asset value per share. Total returns covering less than a full year are not annualized.

CIC Growth of $10K Since Inception (Cumulative)

Fund Facts

As of September 30, 2019

8.77% based on NAV
To provide monthly distributions*
Form 1099

Portfolio Characteristics

As of September 30, 2019

Investment Composition1,2

First Lien Senior Secured Debt80.9%

Second Lien Senior Secured Debt15.3%


Collateralized Securities & Structured Products - Equity0.9%

Collateralized Securities & Structured Products - Debt0.6%

Floating/Fixed Rate Breakdown1

Floating Rate Investments93.2%

Fixed Rate Investments3.5%

Other Income Producing Investments2.0%

Non-Income Producing Equity1.3%

Representative Holdings1,2 % of Portfolio

Lift Brands, Inc.
Industry: Consumer Services

Cadence Aerospace, LLC
Industry: Aerospace & Defense

EagleTree-Carbide Acquistion Corp.
Industry: Consumer Goods: Durable

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.
Industry: Consumer Services

Access CIG, LLC
Industry: Services: Business

GEO Parent Corp.
Industry: Business Services

TouchTunes Interactive Networks, Inc.
Industry: Hotel, Gaming & Leisure

American Residential Services LLC
Industry: Construction & Building

Allocation by Industry1,2 % of Portfolio

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals 16.9%

Services: Business 12.4%

Media: Diversified & Production 11.3%

Media: Advertising, Printing & Publishing 7.4%

Services: Consumer 6.7%

Chemicals, Plastics & Rubber 5.2%

Capital Equipment 4.4%

Beverage, Food & Tobacco 3.8%

High Tech Industries 3.6%

Banking, Finance, Insurance & Real Estate 3.6%

Other Industries 24.7%

The preceding information summarizes certain CIC holdings as of the date indicated herein. These representative holdings do not provide a complete portfolio overview but just a sampling of holdings. There can be no assurance that CIC’s future capital will be invested in a manner similar to the investments described herein.

1 Data excludes short term investments, which represent an investment in a fund that invests in highly liquid investments with average original maturity dates of three months or less. Percentages represent approximate figures.

2 Information is based on the relative fair value of the underlying portfolio holdings.

Mark Gatto

Co-CEO of CION Investments

Years of Experience: 19

Michael A. Reisner

Co-CEO of CION Investments

Years of Experience: 19

Gregg Bresner

President & Chief Investment Officer of CION Investment Management

Years of Experience: 28

Keith Franz

Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer of CION Investment Management

Years of Experience: 13

Mark Gatto

Co-CEO of CION Investments

Michael Reisner

Co-CEO of CION Investments

Robert Breakstone

President & CEO of Landmark International Group, Inc.

Peter Finlay

Founder & Managing Principal of Ardentis LLC

Aron Schwartz

Managing Director of ACON Investments

Earl Hedin

Co-founder & Managing Partner of Hudson Partners Group LLC

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